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Why You Should Read The Bible Every Day

Green Pastures' Founding Director, Pastor Pete Cunningham, shares his wisdom in a series of devotional blogs. This week he shares why you should read the bible every day.

God's word is so important to us. The Scriptures say to us in Psalm 119 :11;

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.

When I first became a Christian, my Pastor said to me, údo you want to be successful as a Christian?ù I said úyes I do!ù He said úwell there's 4 things you need to remember, the first thing is, read the word of God every day.ù

I want to encourage you to read the word of God every day.

This is God's love letter to you. He really wants you to know all about him and he wants you to know how to live your life. When you read the word of God it helps you to live your life the way Christ wants you to live. If you're reading it systematically, reading from Genesis to Revelation and then back again and keep reading it, it means that you read the whole of the scriptures, because God gave us the whole of the scriptures.

I remember my Pastor saying to me, úsometimes you might need a word from God and He can speak to you because he knows where you are up to.ù That happened to me some time ago. I felt God called me from the West of the country to go to the East of the country to pioneer a new church. I felt that someone had prophesied and said úyes you need to go!ù But I was uncertain, so I called my Pastor and he said to me, "do you remember what I said to you?ù
I was reading Chronicles and though the genealogies and I said úGod, how can you speak to me through the genealogies?!ù So I prayed and that night when I read the scriptures it said.. úsomeone begat someone, someone begat someone¶ù, and then suddenly it said,

úand this person found good pasture on the East side of the landù.

I went to bed that night and said, ùGod could you do that again for me because I would really like to see that happen twice.ù The next night I read the scriptures again and it talked about a man who had flocks of sheep. He travelled to the East side of the country and there he found good pasture. And I said,

úyes Lord, I'm going to go.ù

Let me tell you that was one of the most successful times for my Ministry because I went there and when we arrived, there were five people; three adults and two children. A family was a one-parent family with the two children and we began to teach and preach the word of God and to be open and about there. I discovered that God was with us and after four years when I left that particular church to move on to another one I'd been invited to, it was 100 strong. Now if that's that's not proof that God was with us and helping us I don't know is! But I believe that reading the word of God systemically had been the benefit to me.

So today what do I want to do? I want to encourage you - take hold of that book or if you've got it on your phone or on your iPad, open it every day because it will teach you how to live and how much God really loves you. It is important for all of us in todays generation that we know the word of God. It's our lifeline. It's our guideline. It's our light to our path, a lamp to our feet.

Let's serve God better by reading his word every day.

God bless you!

Pastor Pete Cunningham
Founding Director