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Our dedicated training facility where men and women
learn key skills for better futures

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Green Pastures are the proud owners of Mattersey Hall Training Centre. At Mattersey men and women are trained and equipped with key skills and spiritual development that opens doors to better futures.

A place of transformation and preparation, Mattersey Hall provides a way out for those caught in the system. Those whose pathways to change have been blocked and restricted through their social circumstances, family upbringing, physical problems, educational shortfalls and even their own poor choices.

At Mattersey, we’re raising up the next generation of world changers in Jesus’ name.


Are you ready for Mattersey Hall?

We accept applications and referrals for Mattersey Hall all year round, students need to meet the following basic eligibility criteria:

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A demonstrated desire and willingness to change

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An openness and willingness to explore the Christian faith

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A willingness to reduce prior to entry from life controlling medication such as Methadone

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A willingness to engage with the structured day-to-day program at Mattersey Hall


Life at Mattersey

Mattersey Hall is a training centre with a difference; a place for Green Pastures' Residents and others to continue their journey of change. Mattersey is a place of equipping through bespoke training, education and theology, all situated within incredible surroundings.

Exterior of  Mattersey Hall

“Being at Mattersey Hall has changed everything for me. I’ve got people who believe in me and a new set of skills, I’m ready for anything.”

Dave - Mattersey Hall Graduate 2021 Class

Come and experience training for life at Mattersey Hall.

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