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Make People Well Dressed

Pastor Pete continues his series of devotional blogs this week, talking about making people well dressed. What was in that envelope though?

Jesus talks to us about being practical in the gospel and how we should live our lives. In Matthew 25:35-36 it tells us that we should clothe the naked. That might seem unusual to you, that people need clothing but today people do need clothing and it's part of our responsibility to see what we can do. This is an area where we can serve the Lord Jesus and by doing it we are actually preaching the gospel by physically helping someone who is in need.

Now if you're like me, you've always got something in the wardrobe that you haven't worn for the last 12-18 months and it's time to pass it on - even if you only take it down to your local charity shop and you give it to them so they can give it away or sell it cheaply.

I remember a good time ago, before I become a Christian I was reasonably wealthy and I had 12 suits in my wardrobe. I gave my life to Jesus and I came to know Him and my life completely changed. I wanted to serve Him, to follow Him and do the things that would please Him.

There came a time when there was a revolution in one of the African nations and our Pastor on the Sunday said, úThere are some people that are coming out of this nation and they coming home with a pair of shorts and a vest to wear. They have no clothes at all.ù

I felt challenged in my spirit having these 12 suits in my wardrobe. So I went up to that wardrobe, opened it up, put my arms in and took 10 of those suits out. I brought them downstairs to my car, laid them in the back and I drove around to my Pastor's house. I knocked on his door and said, úMr Young, I've been really challenged by what you told me about these people that are coming out of Africa with nothing to wear. Do you think they might like a suit?ù

He said, úI think they would love a suit!ù

So I went back to the car and I took these 10 lovely suits out of my car and I gave them to him.

Soon after this, I became what we called a "Herold", and for two years I served for nothing. I gave my job up and went to work for other churches. When I came home, I was getting married and the best suit I had left had a hole in the seat of the pants. I said, úLord, I would like a new suit to get married in!ù So I went to Burtons and ordered one and that evening I had volunteered to help decorate one of our elderly couple's homes. When I left, Mrs Archer pressed an envelope into my hands. When I opened it it was exactly the right money for my suit! and she'd written a note in there,

úGod told me to give you this for your suit.ù

I tell you what - if you give to God, God never is your debtor. He will always repay you.

God bless you.

Pastor Pete Cunningham
Founding Director