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Did you know?

What do you actually know when it comes to homelessness in the UK.

Thanks to the incredible Boulder Shelter team, for this "did you know?" series. We are questioning what you actually know when it comes to homelessness in the UK.

Let's go... did you know?

1. People don't choose to experience homelessness

Over 90% of unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness are wanting to be housed. That's why organisations like Green Pastures and Boulder Shelter, use every resource and finance possible to create housing solutions, ongoing support and an opportunity for life change for those in most need.

2. Housing people is cost effective

Housing a homeless person actually costs less than half of the expenses incurred from them living in an encampment on the streets or camping in the parks of our community. So it's a much better use of everyone's money to actually step-in and help bless them with a place they can call home. 

At Green Pastures, our Ethical Investment model enables this Kingdom mission to be carried out, but also ensures you as the investor benefits from up to 5% annual return, regular updates and stories of the impact and life change your finances are making and also the opportunity for gatherings, events and more with the rest of our Green Pastures family. 

Click here to become an investor today, or for more information.

3. Housing reduces crime

A lot of our Green Pasture Partners and organisations like Boulder Shelter, have housed some of the Justice System's highest unhoused utilisers. Reducing these individuals' municipal charges by 90% and jail bookings by 100% once they were housed. Simply by extending the love and grace of Jesus, we get to play a small part in someone's "second chance" at life. 

For more information about Boulder Shelter, to see all the incredible work they are doing to end homelessness, and to support them in this Kingdom mission head to : https://bouldershelter.org