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Walter's Story

God had other plans...

Here is Walter's story, which is such a great encouragement for anyone considering going to Mattersey.....


"Hi, everyone. My name's Walter, and before I share a bit about my last 12 months, I want to express my gratitude to God for His guidance and protection. It's been amazing; so many things have happened, and I'm truly thankful. So, I came to know about Mattersey Hall Training Centre while I was working with a GP partnership in Manchester called Homes of Hope, which does fantastic work with the homeless in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Gary Stretton, who heads it up, was a great boss.

There was a meeting in February 2023 that Gary couldn't attend, but I went, and that's where I first heard about Mattersey Hall Training Centre. Something just spoke to me as Sue was talking about it, and I thought, "Wow!" At the time, I was thinking about some people I knew and how it would be a perfect place for them. I couldn't let it go, so I researched it and eventually, the person I knew made a referral, and I brought them down. From the moment I set foot there, I sensed peace, and I knew something amazing was happening on those grounds.

The person I referred was accepted, and they moved in. After that, I referred another person who also got accepted. I think, in total, there are currently four who have been through Mattersey, but each time I kept coming back, feeling drawn to it. I used to come once a month for the Wednesday night meetings, which are truly awesome; if you get a chance to visit us, come on a Wednesday!

Then, I prayed about it, asking God what He wanted me to do, and I felt a calling to come to Mattersey Hall. At first, I thought it was just to come as a student, to receive, and to be in a place where I could grow spiritually. But God had other plans. Just before I was about to give up my full-time job with Homes of Hope and become a student, Darren offered me a position as a support worker, and I've been here for nine months now. It's been truly amazing. I get the opportunity to do life with the guys, to help, encourage, and build them up. Not to mention, I have the privilege of helping our interns become the next support workers.

In my personal life, I've finished my diploma in health and social, and I've completed my theology certificate with Peter. The sense of achievement from doing all these things has been truly amazing in my life. So, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I'm grateful to so many people, especially Sue, who first mentioned Mattersey. From that moment, the seed was planted, all from a meeting in Manchester. I'm also thankful to Darren, Julie who are truly amazing leaders. Their heart is for each person who comes through these doors, that they understand the Father's love for them is truly amazing. And our fantastic team—Brendan, Kara—they do such an awesome job on the health and social side. Chaz, Becky, Richard, Nico, Nick, Peter—phenomenal theology teachings.

But most of all, I'm thankful to God for bringing me to a place like this and shaping me into the person He's called me to be. And finally, I'm so grateful to Green Pastures for stepping out and making this all possible for so many people. So many lives are changing, and have changed, through them stepping out and doing this project. It's truly amazing and inspirational."

For more info on Mattersey Hall, head to - https://www.greenpastures.co.uk/mattersey-hall