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Ray's Story

Swapping prison and a long list of convictions for faith and freedom

I had an unhappy childhood, to the point where I was taken into care for my own protection. There were legal disputes about my future family which never got resolved and I remained in the care system until I left at 18 years old. This was not a good life experience for me as I was shown very little love and experienced and witnessed some very unpleasant things.

I was very insecure and unstable when I began to live independently, with no family left to ask for help. I ended up in the prison system with a list of convictions. There was a pattern to my behaviour caused by violent anger towards people in authority and eventually I received a lengthy prison sentence for a very serious offence.

I then met a Christian man called Michael who took me in and I began to attend Emmanuel Church in Chase Terrace where I eventually became a Christian myself, at an otherwise very dark time in my life. I was still unable to resolve my anger though, and following a further conviction I moved to Birmingham to try and begin again, but to no avail.

While there, I met a man from Birmingham City Mission who suggested I try Betel of Britain. I rang them and in March 2002 I went there to take stock of my life and to learn more about being a Christian. They enabled me to live a faith based life which I enjoyed very much. I learned more about God’s love and blessings and the importance of having a relationship with Him every day. I worked as a volunteer for three months at their centre in New York and also in Birmingham, telling other people about how a life based on faith in God was beneficial. I then helped pioneer opening of a new centre with them in Derby.

In 2010 I moved into accommodation with Faith Hope and Enterprise. I now live in my own flat in Derby. I have a good circle of friends and have accessed professional services to help me overcome the challenges caused by the early stages of my life. I am rebuilding my family relationships and have begun to visit family members that I have not seen for years.

For the first time in my life, I feel stable and secure. I am looking forward to the future and to all the good things that I believe God has for me.

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