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National Poetry Day

Concrete Pillow

National Poetry Day is the annual day taken to encourage people to create and share poetry, emphasising the importance of voices, words and stories help to bridge understanding in our communities. This year, the theme is 'Refuge'.

Concrete Pillow

It is hard, cold and unforgiving

All morning, day and night

Many think I chose this life for me

They say it’s not their fight.

Sometimes the hunger really sucks

But I do have my pride

I wont beg, so if I must

In the garbage I will dive.

My one pair of stockings

are so filthy and so stiff

I try to wash them in the public fountain

Since I wont likely get new ones as a gift.

I while away the hours

I just try to get through each day

I wish there was a job for me

To earn some honest pay.

I watch the traffic going by

Busy people to and fro

It is though I am not even here

No one will say hello.

It is now time to lay down to sleep

I pray the Lord, my soul will keep

And whether or not I die before I wake

All homelessness in this world, please erradicate.

By Jacob Folger