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Karl's job is to help equip the Church to end homelessness ¶and it could be yours too.

Our Partnership Managers are agents of change. They help people connect with purpose to make successful, sustainable action against homelessness and walk them through each step with ease.

After attending our first ever Scotland Conference, spearheaded by Karl Reece, Partnership Manager for Scotland, our new friends found themselves stirred to the core to take action for the vulnerable and marginalised community in Stirling.

Sally, from Stirling4Community was one of the representatives who attended. "A totally inspirational and humbling day hearing from some of the wonderful partners doing exciting work to ease homelessness."

Quickly they connected with 3 local churches - all coming together to form a working group for the same purpose. Not all churches feel like they have the ability to take on supported housing alone, but in Stirling, they didn't see that as a reason to ignore the issue, it drove them to find collaborative solutions and to press in to take action on what the Lord was clearly highlighting for them to do.

Karl visited them to discuss how we can start to help them make this a reality. Jane from Stirling4Community said, "What a fabulous meeting some of the Stirling4Community team had this week with Karl of Green Pastures plus representatives of local churches, Kairos, Calvery and Stirling Free Church, discussing the joint creation of a new supported housing for homeless people here in Stirling. So exciting and much needed collaboration."

We are excited to come alongside them for each stage of the process as they set up supported housing for Stirling. It's our joy to take their hand and share from our own depth of experience to see what God has placed in their hearts, come to reality.

Perhaps you'd be amazing at helping Christians come together and inspiring them to take action against homelessness in your area? Maybe you could be the agent of change that the vulnerable and marginalised people are waiting for.
Take a look at our Partnership Manager vacancies available now and apply today.