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Green Pastures Supporting Superstar Award

Celebrating people behind the scenes.

The Green Pastures Supporting Superstar Award 🏆 goes to....

The Mulberry Project

"It's difficult to know where to start in terms of the support provided by the Mulberry Community Project.  Residents have to attend weekly meetings three times a week, where they share their stories and help one another. Keith Stevenson, our partner, is known for not pulling his punches in telling residents what they need to hear, and they respect him for it. In the last year there have been 15 residents who had previously been in prison, not one of them has returned to their old ways. That is an absolute credit to the staff, to the peers, ex and current, and to the essence of Mulberry"

This is a Facebook posting from Keith, which sums up beautifully the difference Mulberry has and is making to many lives:

"I went to HMP Kirkham yesterday and like many other invited services we set up a stall for Mulberry enabling other services and in particular serving prisoners to have a look at what services are out here. I really enjoyed myself talking to potential residents who would be looking for post prison support so that they can lead a drug/alcohol free life and break the chain of the revolving prison doors.  What surprised me was the amount of Mulberry participation there.  There

were 3 people there who had been living in the same Mulberry recovery house at one stage who are now employed and working and at HMP Kirkham representing 3 different organisations. There were also current residents there who were representing at least 2 other recovery organisations as well and other past residents at least 3 of them representing others.  We got a mention from the stage as one ex resident gave a share of his life story and how Mulberry helped him on that journey.  Between ex-residents, current residents, staff and hopefully future residents we had quite a good presence in the room which was actually very exciting to see and to realise what an impact we have had over the years.  That is an absolute credit to the staff, to the peers, ex and current, and to the essence of Mulberry

Congratulations team, well and truly deserved!