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5 reasons people choose to invest with Green Pastures

What investment benefits are important to you? Are they on this list?

Why do both new and seasoned investors come to Green Pastures? With a minimum investment requirement of £1,000 and no maximum, these 5 reasons why investors keep coming to Green Pastures are amazing:

1. It makes a genuine difference to those in need  

There are increasing numbers of homeless people all around us and they need help. Investors are crucial to our being able to buy homes to house people, many of whom are vulnerable and at breaking point. This is where we differ from housing associations with 100,000 homes: we, or our Partners, provide pastoral support to restore people to where they should be.

2. We are not a flash in the pan

We have been issuing loan stock since 2011.  The average investment term investors have chosen has been 3 - 4 years, and the balance of loans with us is now about £47m. Each month we have had new investors joining us, with many at the end of their term, reinvesting with us again or adding new investments along the way.

3. You get up to 5%

Leave your money with us for 2 years or longer and we pay you 5% p.a. for helping to house someone, perhaps an abandoned family, safely.  For less than 2 years, we can pay you 4%. If you'd like to increase your impact, and help us house more people, you can choose any percentage lower than this, it's completely flexible.

4. The Kingdom work  

Prayer has been part of our corporate ethos ever since God prompted our Founder, Pastor Pete Cunningham with the story of the Good Samaritan back in 1999.  We still listen! We are all about seeing lives changed and hearts transformed, which we have the privilege of being part of on a daily basis.

5. Getting double wins

Yes, you might be able to get a higher return elsewhere, but so many of our investors tell us that they have invested because their money funds what we do AND they get a return. Knowing what, where and who your money is benefiting has a value all of its own.

If you're interested in investing with Green Pastures, click here for more details and apply today.