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Why you should (re)invest with Green Pastures

The top 5 reasons you need to know

Investing in socially responsible companies like Green Pastures has become increasingly popular in recent years but why? 

Well thanks to our ethical Investment model, up to 5% returns, amazing Kingdom work, Godly stewards, incredible life change and community we get to be part of, Green Pastures offers a win-win opportunity for all investors looking to use their money for Kingdom purposes and to make an eternal impact. 

But see for yourself...

Here are top five benefits of (re)investing with Green Pastures :

1. You help to end homelessness.

Most importantly, by investing with Green Pastures, you can make a real difference in the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness. Your investment could change a life, it's that simple.

2. You earn a return.

We offer a return of up to 5% interest. This means that not only are you doing good, but you are also earning a return on your investment. See, win-win!

3. It's an ethical investment.

Unlike many investments, Green Pastures' investments are ethical. This means your money is going to have a positive impact on society. 

4. No upper limit to investment.

With no upper limit to investment, the more you invest, the more lives you can change. This means that you can make a significant impact on ending homelessness in the UK. With every £18,000 invested, one person's life is transformed. 

5. You become part of a community.

By investing with Green Pastures, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a difference. You will receive regular updates on the impact of your investment and be invited to events and opportunities to get involved.

It's so easy to make this step and even easier to amend your terms if you're an existing investor. So why not become an investor today and make a difference in the world?

For more information click here.
Or email us : hi@greenpastures.co.uk
Or call us on : 0300 365 4500