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What's on the other side of fear?

My first few months were full of doubt and fear despite much prayer. Then something changed.

God wants to speak to you today.

Michael's story powerfully demonstrates what's on the other side of fear and how God can use you!

"I have worked at Green Pastures as a Pastoral Support Worker for just over 3 years. It has been a totally new and very exciting experience as I have  neither worked for a Christian organisation nor in a care role before. 

My first few months were full of doubt and fear despite much prayer. A friend at church with the gift of prophecy then approached me and said, 'God wants you to go to dark places. He has already equipped you.' I cried because I knew immediately what he meant in both instances. The fear vanished and a new boldness replaced it.

We put our challenging tenants in a building nearest our office and it does have a dark reputation. Very shortly after this prophecy, I started working very closely and intensely with a tenant also called Michael, who lives there. He said he was lucky to be alive after multiple seizures due to drink. He wanted help to stop drinking and get his life and family back.

With God's help, Michael has now been sober for over 2 years. He has also become an investor in GP with the money he has saved since stopping drinking. It has been a privilege to be a small part of his journey and more importantly seeing first hand and up close and personal how God works. We were born just one month apart and now consider each other as brothers. For my birthday, Michael even got me a birthday card with "Brother" on the front. I am humbled that he leads me to others daily that need help, often with amazing timing. God-instances I call them!  I am 64, have only been a Christian 8 years and have had a lifetime in sales selling worldly rubbish, so it is humbling to find my real purpose, being used by God to do his work and help save a life. Having said that, it is the little miracles , the little God-instances that really excite me as these multiply to make the big transformations we witness frequently in some of our tenants. We know God has great plans for all of them.

I love my job. I hope to stay in this role for many years so please pray for continued health and energy."

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