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What to do when you're the only visionary in the room

Visionaries see the end goal, but often others just don't get it. How do you get from imagination to thriving reality?


You're the people who imagine things before they're even possible.
You're the ones who can see what is now, but believe for what can be.
You're the people who are not afraid to go for the goal because you know the final product.
You can see the end before it's even begun.

We love visionaries.

Say you have a vision of your community and your church at the forefront of providing for those in need. You see your church actively engaged with the poor and needy and making a real difference. You imagine your church providing homes and support, seeing people's lives transformed because of what you have set up. You see the kingdom being built from the least of these. You see people moving from being on the margins to being in a place of restoration and authority, changing the lives of others around them in turn. You see the whole church community thriving and being released with purpose and passion like never before.

You see it.

But others can't.

Others just don't get it.

They like you, but they don't like úitù.

What then?

Back in 1999 a man called Pete Cunningham was also in a situation like this. There were homeless people under the pier who needed homes. No one was interested in helping them. But Pete believed that God could change their lives and that it was the Church's responsibility to help them. So with just 2 other people, they put their hands in their own pockets, cashed in a small pension, mortgaged their own home and made it come together. They bought property and housed those people. Green Pastures was born.

Then others started to take notice.

It's interesting how things always seem to be impossible until someone does it. But once you have something to show, people begin to understand. Once you have started a track record and you've shown your own commitment to it, they start to see it.

If you have a dream to house the homeless in your community and your church isn't on board, we get it, and we can help you. Fast forward 20 years and we now have a team of dedicated, friendly experts who we call our Partnership Managers. They come alongside you, listen to you, go with you to talk to your leadership teams and help to show them what we know is possible for you and what we are seeing day in and day out across the country...Transformed lives.

We help you skip ahead and get to the good part quicker.

We resource you, support you, train you and connect you to people just like you, who are making the difference and reaping the rewards.

If God's put it on your heart, there's going to be a way to do it. We'd love to come alongside you to see it happen together.

Click here to get connected and start the journey today.