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What on Earth is a Social Enterprise and why does it matter to me?

If you don't know this about Social Enterprise, you could be missing out big time!

So¶.. what on earth is a Social Enterprise ????
I've heard the term some other Churches and Charities are involved in Social Enterprisesbut what has it got to do with me and why should I get involved??
Well just read on¶
A úSocial Enterpriseù can be defined as úany organisation that uses commercial strategies to make a positive difference for societal benefitù.

This úsocietal impactù is funded by reinvesting the profits generated by the organisation to create social capitalhelping those in the Community who are in need; rather than simply being driven by the need to maximise profit for Shareholders and Owners.

Simply put, a Social Enterprise is any trading business - selling goods or services- whose primary objective is to achieve social goodthat uses its trading and profits for the good of others.

A Social Enterprise is like any other business in that it works to deliver goods and services to make a profit. The Key difference is that they are driven by their social purposes, it's how they spend or reinvest their profits that make them uniquely placed to help our Communities.

A Social Enterprise will have certain social objectives embedded in their business structure, operational methodology and culture beyond simply making a profit for the Owners.

úSocial Enterpriseù is an umbrella term that encompasses a broad range of social and environmental business. These include Credit Unions, cooperatives, community-owned enterprises and trading arms of Charities and Churches.

Social Enterprises operate in almost every industry sector in the UK - from health and social care to renewable energy; from Retail to Recycling; from Employment Agencies to Sports; from Education to Housing ...and on and on and on ¶. Social Enterprise businesses are a significant part of the Third Sectordelivering help, health and hope to those in need where ordinary business fears to tread.

Sothe only limit to what constitutes a Social Enterprise in your world is the limit of your creativity, imagination and dreams!!
...and please don't forget
as Children of the Most High God we have access to the wisdom, prudence and knowledge of the secret things He has for usthe ability to úfind out knowledge of witty inventionsù as Proverbs 8:12 KJV puts it.

We're connected to the source of all wisdom, creativity and powerso ask what business you could develop, how, where, when and who forand the exciting journey of Social Enterprise can begin for your group!!

Al McComb, Partnership Manager, NI