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What a substance misuse worker said to a resident

What a substance misuse worker said to a resident and the missing connection.

I sat on a call with a substance misuse worker and a resident. The gentleman spoke to the resident (paraphrased but not over-exaggerated,)

"I'm going to be honest with you. There are times I have laid awake at night wondering if I'd ever see you alive again, the way your life has been. The way you've been living. We tried to get you into housing for months and months, and all of us were shocked when we found out you were finally housed. We had never heard of Green Pastures. When you moved in there, for the first time ever, you turned up on time for you appointment! Green Pastures have literally saved your life. But please keep the house rules, don't mess this up. That place has saved your life. Whatever you do, don't do anything to make them kick you out!"

A small number of our projects and partners are able to give a chance to residents with complex needs, who have a history of rough sleeping and have been subjected to violence and some quite unspeakable traumas of street living.

'K's' demeanour and outlook has changed significantly in a matter of 2 weeks since he started receiving quite intensive support in a homely and comfortable environment.

There really is hope.

It's challenging work but worth every moment.

There is often a process to recovery and Green Pastures are always looking to come alongside churches who are willing to be part of this process. Supported housing providers and rehabs look for 'move-on' property for people who have stabilised, but still need support. Maybe this is where your church would be ideal to link in. Green Pastures would partner with you, provide you with property and resources, and walk the journey with you. You wouldn't be alone and you could be saving the lives of people like 'K' in your area.

Could your church housing project be their next step on the journey of recovery? We'd love to help you.

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