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Top tips on how to survive the cost of living crisis!

If you're feeling the pinch, try these ideas out.

Been feeling the pinch recently? You're not alone.

We've been hit with the highest living costs seen in 40 years. In simple terms, things are costing WAY more than they used to. The price of everyday essentials such as food, petrol and energy are more expensive, meaning that your money simply won’t go as far as it used to.

With people already having to choose between heating and eating, the future is looking rather bleak for millions of people across the UK.

So here's some tips on how to survive the cost of living and to help you get through the coming months :

1. Save by applying for a water meter

If you live alone or with your significant other, and don’t use a lot of water, it’s likely you'll save a lot of money by getting a water meter installed.  As a general rule of thumb, if there are more bedrooms than there are people living in your home, then it’s likely you'll benefit from having a water meter.

Check out this handy water meter calculator to see if you could be saving money. If you're already on a meter and use a lot of water, you might be able to reduce your bill further via the WaterSure scheme.

2. Claim a rebate on your council tax

This rebate is available to those in band A-to-D. If this applies to you, you can claim £150 rebate on council tax. The intention is this'll help cover your energy bills etc.  If you pay your tax via a direct debit, the money should have been paid into your account automatically. If you don’t pay via direct debit, this amount will appear as a rebate on your bill.

Click here to check your council tax band.

3. Household Support Fund

This is available via your local council. It’s to provide help to vulnerable households, towards affording the essentials. You don’t need to be on benefits to qualify but each council may apply different eligibility criteria.

Please contact your local council to find out more.

4. Cancel Unused Direct Debits

With the world as connected and digitised as ever, it takes seconds to sign up to a new online streaming service, gym membership or food delivery service. But it can take months or even sometimes years before people remember to cancel them when they’re no longer needed.

Examples include:

Amazon Prime

Netflix / Disney Plus

Apple TV

Unused gym memberships

Food delivery subscriptions

Old insurance policies

5. Fix Before You Throw

Our throw-away culture is not only destroying our planet, but our bank balances too. So, the next time something breaks, gets stained or old, try your best to fix it, instead of throwing it away. There are so many youtube tutorial available for anything you can think of and if you're not so good at this kind of thing, maybe you have a friend or family member who could help you.

6. Free Days Out

There are numerous things to do in the UK for free, providing couples, families or friends with fun filled, action packed, free days out.

For example:


Parks / Botanical Gardens

Cathedrals / Churches / Historic buildings

Beaches / Coastal paths

Train spotting


For even more tips and advice go check out the website : www.equityreleasewarehouse.com