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Green Pastures Transforms Image to Bring Attention to Issue of Homelessness

The compassionate, inclusive approach to helping people in need

We have unveiled a new look this week that reflects our compassionate, united approach to realising our work towards a future without homelessness. Green Pastures partners with local Christian organisations to buy property, share expertise and provide all the necessary paperwork, with the goal to enable and support a national network of high-quality supported housing for those facing homelessness.  

So far we house around 1600 residents, and work with more than 100 churches and charities, but with thousands in need, and the demand for social housing growing, we know that we have more work to do.  

Andrew Cunningham, our CEO explains: “The call to meet the needs of the poor and needy is a central aspect the Christian faith. We want to play an important role in enabling the Church to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness, and welcome new investors looking to invest their money in a changed life." 

Green Pastures is funded by investors in an ethical investment scheme that allows individuals and organisations to invest in our mission of ending homelessness. With investments starting from just £1,000 with no upper limit, investors can receive returns of up to 5% annually and funds are used to purchase property for local partners to house and support those in need. 

Andrew continues, "Our new branding reflects our commitment to every person we house as we focus on "changing lives and transforming hearts" - it begins with a house, but we also empower individuals to develop skills and confidence from the foundation of having secure and comfortable home and see hundreds of lives transformed as they meet Jesus through receiving compassionate, practical support.” 

By combining their efforts with our newly unveiled branding, Green Pastures hopes to inspire more people to invest in their mission of ending homelessness and help provide a better future for those in need. 

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