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Government spending on temporary accommodation up over 61%

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Government figures show that spending on temporary accommodation for homeless households in England for 2021-22 have increased by 61% compared to 5 years ago. In one year, local councils spent a total of £1.6bn, with a quarter of this being spent on emergency B&Bs and hostels.

Shelter, a homeless charity have completed their own research and have surveyed the people living in the temporary accommodation. They found that 47% had to borrow money to cover costs and 33% said they relied on foodbanks.

Shelter's Chief executive Polly Neate said: úIt defies all logic to shell out over ¬£1.6bn on grim B&Bs and grotty flats, instead of helping people to keep hold of their home in the first place.ù

úAllowing homelessness to rise unchecked during the cost of living crisis will only cost more in the long run. The government must unfreeze housing benefit now so people can pay their rent. And to end homelessness altogether, it needs to build decent, truly affordable social homes.ù

What can you do in the midst of this crisis?

1. Speak up about the issues many people are facing. Write to your MP, sharing your concerns and speak up for those who don't have a voice that's being heard.
2. If your church or charity wants to offer supported housing, we can come alongside you and help you every step of the way. For details about Partnership, click here.

3. To find out about Green Pastures Developments and how we could help you develop, renovate or build new property, please click here.