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Following Jesus: 3 Key tips on how to disciple others

This blog has been written by an amazing resident, Dave Cowie from Derby.

When I was asked to do this blog, it took all of one minute to say yes. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't God -its all his glory. I wholeheartedly believe you must 100% surrender to God. And by giving your heart to the Lord, he won't leave you nor forsake you.

I believe first to walk in obedience and to have a relationship with God, we must have honesty, integrity, transparency and acceptance of others in your walk with the Lord. These are my top 3 tips from my experience on how to disciple well.

1. Have a good friendship

You need to show them you're on this journey together and show them, there is a way through the hard times. I believe to disciple someone, you first have to have a good foundation in a friendship and get know the person where they're at and what kind of discipling they require from you. It's important to set out clear goals and targets in a realistic timetable. Give resources that you will be at their side. It's important to get a bond of friendship from the beginning also take time away from your surroundings to do activities to strengthen bonds. Good foundation is important and clarity with one other. Always see your support plane through to the end, and set realistic short term goals.

2. Accountability transparency and integrity must be shown

To be a good discipler you first have have to be discipled by someone who is further on than you in your walk, and be transparent with them - that's important. Availability and accountability is important with everyone involved in the discipleship and to make them aware that you both will get through the hard times. Always be clear in discipleship by making the individual realise their true potential. I believe you must be good at listening and have compassion also you will have to have fruits of the Spirit, kindness, patience, love, joy, happiness.

3. Leadership quality and confidentiality at all times

It's important to make yourself available and show good leadership. Leading by example in every stage of your walk with Jesus. It's important that you show and treat people with confidentiality also to have full faith in the individual. Believe in them and always show compassion and equality. Remind them you're both on the journey together and both equally in everything. I believe you must keep God at the centre of everything and everyday too. To have good leadership qualities you have been lead by good leader yourself.

Most of all be true to yourself and God.

Blessings to all. I hope this is helpful to someone and encouraging to you, even if it's for the one. Amen.


Dave Cowie, Resident, GP Derby