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Blog: What breaks your heart? What moves you?

We recently had a message from a mum called Sarah, about her daughter, Lauren.

Lauren is a 9 year old girl with huge heart for the homeless. She feels so very lucky to have a warm bed to sleep in every night, but gets so upset thinking of all those that don't and is so moved that she would just cry at bedtime.

So she decided to do something about it.

Along with her Dad, Lauren decided to have a sleep out and raise money to help people who experience homelessness, with Green Pastures as one of their chosen beneficiaries.

They spent a night sleeping out in their clothes, a sleeping bag and some cardboard in December. They stayed out all night until 7am. Lauren slept all night, but her dad, Tom was

awake every hour, and it really made him realise the vulnerability of sleeping rough! 

Lauren's mum, Sarah says "She's an amazing little one with such a big heart.. just always wants to help."

In total they have raised £2,000.

We are so impressed by this inspirational girl, who was moved with compassion and did what she could to make an impact. It's on our heart as Green Pastures this year to all be more like this. Broken hearted for the atrocities we see around us, weeping for the injustices people are facing and then being willing to move to make a difference. Even when it's uncomfortable.

Let's keep moving towards helping the poor and needy just like Jesus did.