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A surge of homelessness expected with the cost of living on the rise

Now is an urgent opportunity for the Church to show the love of God and make a difference.

Martin Lewis, The Money Saving Expert has said that the UK is facing the worst cost of living crisis he has ever seen.

Whilst he is saying he is úvirtually out of tools to help people nowù, it poses the question, what can we do to help protect the most vulnerable? If people are being made homeless at the rate that housing charity Crisis and Heriot-Watt University are forecasting, we need to start preparing now.

There are vulnerable people in every town and every city. The cost of living rising might be sending many people over the edge. As as community of believers, the Church is in a unique position to be able to extend help, practical support and the love of God to those who simply have nothing else available to them.

Many churches are doing an amazing job, extending help in the form of food banks, CAP centers, night shelters, soup kitchens, Green Pastures houses and more. This is a wonderful overflow of the blessing we have received and the compassion we have for those in need around us. Our hope is to see lives restored and people seen, helped and transformed.

If you are confronted with need in the town or city you are living in and would love to be able to offer more of a permanent home and hope to those in need around you, you don't have to figure it out on your own.

This is where Green Pastures steps in to help you to provide a lifeline to the homeless in your community. We purchase you property, give expert ongoing support and stand with you, so you are confident through each step of setting up and running successful supported accommodation that changes lives.

çClick here to get connected and we will send you information and get one of our team to chat through what we could make possible together.