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4 things we RELEASE the Church from

Are any of these things holding you back or driving you crazy?

Our strapline says "Releasing the Church to end homelessness", but what does the Church need releasing from?

There are 4 things that Green Pastures releases you from, opening up new possibilities for you!

1. Released from The Financial Demand of buying a house

There are a lot of pressures included with buying a house or a property. It can be very stressful and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. You will either need the cash to buy outright or a big deposit and that's if you can get a mortgage lender. There's the solicitors and searches and even if everything does go smoothly, there's the renovation costs to think about. A BIG thing we release you from to having to come up with the capital.

We've got you!

We work with you to find the ideal property for your project and we buy it! We take care of the renovation costs when needed too!

2. Released from The Fear of the Process

You don't need to be paralyzed by fears. We partner with you to release you into it being a blessing! If you ever feel these thoughts creeping in, don't worry..

"I don't know how!" - We get all the paperwork done for you! (we've done this a few times before)
"I don't have time" - We know it's a busy time getting a new house ready, so we take the purchasing process and paperwork off your plate. It might just become your favourite part!
"It's overwhelming" - We've got you. As your partner, we guide you through the process. We don't want you to be underwhelmed, maybe just.... whlemed?

Don't be afraid of the process. We are with you 100% and take the pain out of getting a house!

3. Released from the fear of 'Is this going to work?'

How many great ideas, dreams and calls from God have been stalled or even worse - lost, because of the fear of "is this going to work?!" We believe in you! We believe that the Church can end homelessness because we believe it's God's call on the Church and we release you to say, "This IS going to work".


We take people who are nervous and unsure and together help you set up something strong, successful and sustainable.

4. Released from Going Alone

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller.

It can be exhausting to be alone in a mission. You are more likely to give up or burn out when you don't have good people pulling along with you.

We make sure you're never alone.

Not only do you get an expert Partnership Manager who is with you from the start, we also connect you with like minded people who are passionately running similar projects. You get people on every side encouraging you to succeed. You receive training, resources and inspiration. We give you opportunities to share your knowledge and expertise with others where it can get multiplied. It's what we love to do.

If you want to explore partnership, click here to give us your details so we can connect with you and release you to end homelessness!