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3 Mental Barriers to Getting Started with Housing the Homeless

Break through these 3 mental barriers today!

Most of us have experienced the feeling of loss and helplessness when passing a homeless person on the street. It's hard to reconcile that inertia with the clear call to serve the poor in the Bible. We believe that Christians should be leading the way when it comes to compassion, but there can be very real mental barriers limiting us to getting started. These are the top 3 we have identified. Do you relate?

1. It's too hardç

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start with big issues. When we don't have easy solutions for problems, it can be a temptation to disregard it as too hard. Having the right perspective is essential. Our outward approach to life is one that recognises we are saved by Grace and serve a God of the impossible. This brings us to realise, what may seem like a big problem, ending homelessness, is actually solvable when God's involved and we work together to bring about change. You're not on your own.

2. I have to have it all together

This is what we are called to do as Christians - to remember the poor, to help the least and the lost. The feeling of having to have all the answers before we begin can be stifling and demotivating. The truth is, you need to start with what you can and God will give you what you need as you go. There are many Christian organisations and churches who are able to help you. Green Pastures specialises in coming alongside you regardless of your knowledge and experience in helping the homeless and provides expert guidance to make it easy. The fear is taken out and the confidence rises.

Our partners are freed to do what they do best, work to transform the lives of their residents and about a third of those we house come to know Jesus.

For us it's about helping partners to support people like David, who was homeless and living in a tent. David was given a home with our Partners in Chelmsford. With support and care, his life has transformed. úI was in a situation of being homeless. Now I'm involved with that myself. I go out and feed the homeless. We try and get them support, get them housed as well. I've never felt so much satisfaction doing what I'm doing now. It's a really good feeling to have.ù

3. I don't have the money

Do you dream about that new car or going on holiday somewhere exotic but you just don't have the money? Maybe even thinking about choosing Heinz beans over the own brand ones seems a step too far. So many things can feel out of our reach, however when it comes to housing the homeless, you don't need to worry. Green Pastures provide the capital needed for property and paperwork, they work with you and train your team without you having to pay any upfront costs.

Lack of money does not need to be a barrier to stopping you housing the homeless.

With homelessness on the rise, the future requires a collaborative approach. Together with a bunch of other amazing ministries we are committed to ending homelessness, enabling the church bring about transformation, and work on solutions to its causes. We all should be part of the solution and together it is within our reach.

You can join us!

Click here to get our partnership information pack and start the conversation of how we can help you.